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1. Standard business cards

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Business card for hair salon

Business card for psychology practice

Business card for guitar teacher

Business card for massage therapist

These full-colour cards can be designed to suit any sort of business: retail, professional, trades, service, realty, performing arts, home business, and so forth.

Because the printing is in full colour, your corporate colours can be matched, and photographs can be used if appropriate. Of course, it's not necessary to use every colour in the rainbow. You can utilise a restricted colour palette to good effect.

Your cards can be printed on both sides, which is useful for incorporating appointment or reward scheme forms, or if you just have a lot of information to display. Or, simply for effect: you can have a full-colour image on the front and your contact details on the back.

Various sizes are available. Standard business card size is 90mm by 55mm. Credit card size is 85mm by 54-55mm.

Unless you specify otherwise, cards are finished in a matt silk finish. Various laminating options are available.


Great-looking business cards at the right price. Anywhere in Australia.